Financing your company on EDC by Raizers

why use EDC by raizers?

  • EDC by Raizers is a crowdfunding platform that helps you raise capital for your business;
  • EDC by Raizers offers the ability to obtain additional funding by the sale of your goods and/or services on the platform.
  • EDC by Raizers helps the entrepreneur expand the knowledge of their company, as every investor is an ambassador and will communicate about the brand, products and services of the company;
  • EDC by Raizers network highlights the areas of expertise of each, with the common goal: to promote the exchange of expertise and to support your company. Also if you wish your company can receive advice and feedback from Raizers community members;
  • EDC by Raizers provides business leaders a space dedicated to the management of the relationship with the investors. This collaborative environment allows the exchange of information and data, to share the history of the company and to invite investors to events. This tool simplifies the management of investors for the entrepreneur.

Required conditionds for recieving funding on EDC by raizers

The platform is open to companies in all business sectors, as long as their founder or manager belong to the EDC community.

The main selection criteria are:

  • The viability and potential of the company;
  • The innovative character or distinguishing features for goods or services offered;
  • Maximum 50% stake in the company can be offered. Investors have to be minority stakeholders;
  • A capital need of between € 50,000 and € 1,000,000 (amount adjusted to the needs and the value of the business);
  • A competent management team;
  • A registered company;



Depending on the investment product you are subscribing to, we will charge you a maximum investment fee of 3% including tax on the amount of your investment. You will find details of the fees for a dedicated transaction at Step 2 of your subscription and before signing the subscription form. You can also access it at any time in the "Documentation" tab of each operation by downloading the "Intermediary information document".

Before the launch of the campaign, Raizers might collect from issuers a maximum down payment of 8'000 € / CHF. If the operation is a success, this fixed remuneration will be deducted from the final commission, not exceeding 10% of the amount of the fund raising. If the fundraising is not finalized, only the down payment will be invoiced to the company.

Apply for funding

If you want to raise funds on our platform to contribute in the development of your company, please answer a few questions about your business, and forward your business plan. 

We will analyse it, and will return with an answer as soon as possible.